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Kenpo Karate

history and Lineage

The lineage of Kenpo Karate

gm james mitose w-framesm.jpg

Great Grand Master James Mitose

  • Japanese/Hawaiian Ancestor

  • Founder of old Pine Tree Kenpo

  • He taught his “Family Art” in Hawaii

  • His Art was primarily a linear style

  • Considered the modern-day founder of Kenpo

  • One of his top students was William KS Chow

gm william chow w-framesm1.jpg

Professor William KS Chow

  • Nicknamed Thunderbolt

  • Took the instruction of James Mitose and improved upon it by utilizing circles making the style more effective

  • One of his top students was Mr. Edmond Parker

gm ed parker w-framesm1.jpg

Grand Master Edmond Parker

  • Began his training in the 1940s in Hawaii with
    Mr. William K S Chow

  • He trained in Hawaii

  • Upon receiving his Black Belt, he came to the US to attend Brigham Young University

  • He was the first to teach on college campuses

  • After the graduation he moved to Pasadena California where he opened a school

  • He was the first to teach Hollywood stuntman

  • He is the most recognized Kenpo stylist in the world because of his skill, instructing ability, and his business sense

  • Famous quote: “Every Kenpo Black Belt is a style onto himself ”

  • One of Mr. Parker’s first Black Belts was Mr. John McSweeney

gm john mcsweeney w-framesm.jpg

Grand Master John McSweeney

  • Began studying martial arts in 1952 in the Kotokan Japan

  • He attained his Brown Belt in Judo

  • Began training in Kenpo under Mr. Parker in 1959

  • He received his first Black Belt in 1962

  • That same year he went to Dublin Ireland where he founded the Irish Karate Association

  • He left 4 black belts in charge when he left, and there are now in excess of 2000 Kenpo students in Ireland

  • He was the first man to bring the art of Kenpo out of the United States

  • Opened Self-Defense Unlimited in December 1980

  • One of his first Chicago Black Belts was Grand Master Tom Saviano

gm tom saviano w-framesm.jpg

Grand Master Tom Saviano

  • Mr. Saviano begins training in the traditional Japanese style of Goju-Shorei in 1964

  • He was an avid competitor until 1969

  • He begin training in the art of Kenpo Karate under Mr. McSweeney in 1981

  • Attained his 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo 1982

  • Founded Saviano’s White Tiger Kenpo Karate in 1984 where he currently teaches

  • Since 1987 he has awarded 64 Black Belts

  • Inducted into multiple Halls of Fame:

    • Illinois State Halls of Fame

    • USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Prestigious "Gold Belt Award"

    • Inducted into the International Federation of Pankration Athlima Hall of Fame

    • International Kenpo Hall of Fame

    • One of 1,000 selected for inclusion in "Who's Who in American Martial Arts"

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