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White tiger Instructors

Jim durkin
Meet Jim Durkin, the Owner/Instructor at White Tiger Kenpo Karate and Fitness. With 30 years of training and a 7th degree black belt under Senior Grandmaster Tom Saviano, he is dedicated to helping men, women, and children feel confident, healthy, and safe through martial arts. Jim is also an active member of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni of Aurora and the Volunteers 4 Lisle EMA Team, supporting local law enforcement to provide additional assistance to the communities.


Bill Moy

7th Degree Black Belt / Senior Instructor 

Mr. Moy started his training in 1992 under Grand Master Tom Saviano. He is a review board member for White Tiger Kenpo Karate where he participates in scoring all rank testing. 


Master Anthony J. Schiro

9th Degree Black Belt

Master Schiro has been in the Martial Arts for 30 years. He trained under Sr. Grandmaster Tom Saviano, owner of White Tiger Kenpo Karate, who awarded him his 1st degree Black Belt.

During his career in the Martial Arts he had the privilege of training with the late Sr. Grandmaster John McSweeney as well as attending Seminar by Grandmasters Fred Degerberg, John Tsai, Peter Coyle, Tom Darcy and Peter Quinn. He's attended Gathering of Eagles working Seminars over the years. These seminars were taught by some of the Premier Grandmasters in the Martial Arts.

Master Schiro has also taught children, ages 6 through 16 as an Assistant and currently as the Head Instructor for the White Tiger Fitness Program. He thoroughly enjoys working with the children and has watched many grow in confidence, excel in school and become successful in future endeavors. In addition, he trains adults in our White Tiger Fitness Adults Program and is a member of the Board of Directors for White Tiger Kenpo Karate.


Mike Nevins

8th Degree Black Belt / Senior Instructor 

Mr. Nevins is a 8th degree black belt in the White Tiger Kenpo Karate system. He started his training under Grand Master Tom Saviano in 1993. He is on the review board for White Tiger Kenpo Karate. Mr. Nevins also holds a 3rd degree black belt in Judo and is actively training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is a USA Judo member and competitor. 

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