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The White Tiger Kenpo System started in 1984 as most other schools do, in a garage. As things progressed, the students grew, which created a need for more space, so Tom Saviano started teaching three days a week sharing a school with his instructor, Grand Master John McSweeney. The old school is affectionately called York Road, and has a special place in many of our hearts that were lucky enough to train there.


Times change and the popularity of Tom Saviano's system grew. As did the student base. The need to move on had come again and we moved to our current location back in 1994. We currently have 1500+ square feet of space, and several active and knowledgeable instructors.


Tom Saviano received his Kenpo instruction from Grand Master John McSweeney, one of Senior Grand Master Ed Parker's earlier Black Belts. John McSweeney's form of Kenpo is a system based on Ed Parker's Kenpo of the 50's and 60's, the Chinese styles which he had opportunity to study, and his background in Judo and other forms of Martial Arts. Over the years, he developed a system who's primary focus was plain and simple self defense with stopping power.

These days, there are many forms of Kenpo stemming from Ed Parker's teachings as well as those stemming from his instructor, Professor William Chow. All have different philosophies, approaches, and teaching methods. Although, if you put many representatives of different systems in one room, you may find more similarities than differences.


Kenpo is best described as a logical and practical approach to self-defense. It is neither hard nor soft, but a well balanced system of both. Kenpo is fluid with continuous and rapid motion, graceful yet extremely devastating. Kenpo is also a blend between Japanese (Karate and Jujitsu) and Chinese (Kung Fu or Chuan Fa) martial arts.


Grandmaster tom saviano 

Grandmaster tom saviano 



• President, American Kenpo Karate Association

• Executive Member, Board of Directors, North American

   Karate/Kung Fu Association

• Certified Black Belt in the following:

  * American Kenpo Karate Association

  * International Kenpo Karate Association

  * Midwest Black Belt Federation

  * American Karate Association

  * Chinese Kenpo Association

• Chairman Referee’s Committee,United States Federation of Pankration Athlima (for the 2004 Olympics to be held in Athens, Greece)

• President/Arbitrator of the “International Referees Council," International Federation of Pankration Athlima


One of only two Masters invited by the Chinese government to review their national Wu Shu
championship team in China.

Internationally known, Sr. Grand Master Tom Saviano trained for 3 decades under Kenpo Grand Master John Mc Sweeney (a 10th Degree Black Belt in the American Kenpo Karate Association, and an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Combato (Jen-Do-Tao).


Mr. Saviano also holds a 10th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kang-Chuan-Do. He is the founder of the White Tiger Kenpo System.


Tom Saviano began his martial arts training in March of 1964, in the art of Goju Shorei in Chicago, Illinois. He was an avid tournament competitor from the years of 1964 thorough 1969.


Mr. Saviano is a martial arts instructor, and is certified as an official tournament judge and referee. He has over 6 decades of experience in self-defense. Saviano’s White Tiger Kenpo Karate System is for the serious martial artist and Sr. Grand Master Tom Saviano has awarded 71 blackbelts in his system.


Mr. Saviano trains professional bodyguards, police officers, U.S. Marine Corps instructors, former Navy Seals and World Class Fighter Keith Hackney, as well as men, women and children from all walks of life.

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